Backup Films awarded at San Sebastian, expected in Rome



Backup Films to open the International Rome Film Festival

Triage, directed by Danis Tanovic, will open the International Rome Film Festival. Competing in the official selection, Triage gives out a message of peace through this story of a war photographer who’s traumatized after returning from a coverage in Kurdistan, and the struggle of his beloved ones to save him. In 2001, Danis Tanovic received the Oscar for Best Foreign Film for his film No Man’s LandTriage is produced by Asap Films in association with SOFICA COFICUP 2 and 3 / Backup Films.

Regrets by Cédric Kahn is also among the competition selection of the festival, bringing to the audience a passionate and tearing appart love story between Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi and Yvan Attal.  Regrets is produced by Les Films du Lendemain and Maïa Cinéma in association with SOFICA COFICUP 3 / Backup Films.

The Boat Race by Bernard Bellefroid is competing in the section Alice nella città, dedicated to young directors and young audiences. The Boat race relates the story of Alexandre, a distressed teenager who will regain his humanity through the practice of rowing. This film is the first long feature by Bernard Bellefroid who started as a documentary director with the extremely moving Rwanda, the hills are talkingThe Boat Race is produced by Liaison Cinématographique in association with SOFICA COFICUP 3 / Backup Films.

San Sebastian greets Backup Films

The 57th San Sebastian International Film Festival awarded the Special Jury Prize to The Refuge by François Ozon, a production Eurowide Films Production in association with SOFICA COFICUP 3 / Backup Films.

The TCM Audience Award went to Desert Flower by Sherry Hormann, produced by Peter Herrmann with the help of the financing agency Backup Films.


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