Venise, Toronto and San Sebastian welcome Backup Films



Flowers and zombies in Venice

Desert Flower by Sherry Horman, will be presented at Venice Days 2009, during the Venice International Film Festival. It will also be screened at the San Sebastian Film Festival in Zabaltegi-Pearls section. Adaptation of the autobiographical best seller, the film relates the rise from the desert of Somalia to fashion superstardom of top model Waris Dirie and her struggle against women abuses, this film is an invitation to mutual respect. Desert Flower is produced by Peter Herrmann with the help of the financing agency Backup Films.

Also selected at Venice Days, The Horde by Yannick Dahan and Benjamin Rocher. This take on zombies film is a fresh breath of air as it sees bent police officers and gang members cooperate to outlive an army of living-deads. The Horde is produced by Capture The Flag in association with SOFICA COFICUP 2 and 3 / Backup Films.

Conflicts seek resolution in Toronto

After its selection at the Cannes Film Festival, Elia Suleiman’s The time that remains is selected at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival, in the Contemporary World Cinema program. Through the story of a man and his son from 1948 to this day, the film looks at what it means to be Israeli. Elia Suleiman received the Jury’s Prize in Cannes in 2002 for his film Divine Intervention. The time that remains is co-distributed by Le Pacte and Districup/Backup Films.

The Toronto International Film Festival will hold the worldwide premiere of Triage by Danis Tanovic, during a special presentation. The director gives out a message of peace through this story of a war photographer who’s traumatized after returning from a coverage in Kurdistan, and the struggle of his beloved ones to save him. In 2001, Danis Tanovic received the Award for Best Screenplay at the Cannes Films Festival for his film No Man’s Land. Triage is produced by Asap Films in association with SOFICA COFICUP 2 and 3 / Backup Films.

After its selection in the official competition of Locarno International Film Festival, Happy End by Arnaud and Jean-Marie Larrieu, will be presented at the Toronto International Film Festival. As the world is quickly coming to its end, a man engages in a tumultuous love odyssey that will lead him on the roads of France and Spain. Happy End is produced by Soudaine Compagnie in association with SOFICA COFICUP 3 / Backup Films.

San Sebastian shelters François Ozon

The Refuge, by François Ozon, another film screening at Toronto International Film Festival, will also take shelter in the Official San Sebastian Competition. Mousse and Louis are in love. They are gorgeous, rich and young, but drug is a major part of their lives, when Louis dies Mousse will have to fight on her own against her addictions and fears. The Refuge is produced by Eurowide Films Production in association with SOFICA COFICUP 3 / Backup Films.


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